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The Path to Your Financial Aspirations

Our Process

Your Financial Freedom Awaits

The path to get you there is customized based on your life, goals and financial needs. We’ll gain a detailed understanding of your needs through our process to create a financial plan that you can have confidence in.

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Here’s what to expect from your Infinity Financial Group experience:

Step 1

 Initial Appointment. 

This is where we get to know each other. During this discovery process we’ll map out your assets and aspirations. We’ll talk about how you want to live “your dash” and begin crafting a plan.

Step 2

The Presentation.

After the discovery session, white boards and personalized videos- yes, all of that is part of our collaborative strategic process- we’ll present an explanation of your options and tailored suggested plan.

Step 3

Account Opening Process.

We'll collaborate to refine the strategic plan until you are comfortable.  Once you've made the decision to move ahead, we’ll start the paperwork process. We’ll do the heavy lifting, and communicate with you each step along the way.

Step 4

New Client Welcome Meeting. 

When you've made the decision to work together with us, you'll have your first meeting as an Infinity Financial Family Member. Welcome! We’ll review all that has been accomplished and set the cadence for ongoing follow ups. Afterward, lunch or dinner is on us!

Step 5

Ongoing Financial Reviews

We will meet with you periodically to review and revise your plan based upon your needs. You have full access at all times to all of your accounts, but seeing and meeting our clients in-person is always preferable!

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