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We want to change the way people view their finances. We're committed to being a leading educator for financial services to keep you informed. To further your understanding on relevant financial topics, feel free to access the free educational resources below. 

Market Updates

January 25, 2022:

Life Insurance Series

Review our 4-part Video Series explaining what Life Insurance is, and how important it can be in planning for your financial future.   

PART 1:  The Basics of Life Insurance 101


PART 2:  Using Life Insurance as an Asset Class as part of your portfolio


PART 3:  Explaining Living Benefits/Accelerated Death Benefits 


PART 4:  Life Insurance Wrap Up and Next Steps for YOU!


Estate Planning

Use our relationship with a local attorney to help you and your family establish your Will, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Directive.  In the below video, Attorney Peggy Morcom explains some of the common terms with Estate Plan language.  If you want to know more, email HRichardson@infinityfinancial.group for a packet of information.  Click the PLAY ARROW to see the video

Estate Plan Packet.pdf

Financial Management

The decisions you make about money form the foundation of your financial future and help you pursue your goals.

Social Security & Medicare

Social Security and Medicare rules can be complex. To help maximize benefits, it pays to understand your options.


Weighing the risks and rewards of various investment options can help you develop a sound investment strategy.

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